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Brush Meditation

Art of Brush Expression at Tucson Yume Japanese Garden

Kampo Cultural Center, New York City

University of Arizona

At the Drawing Studio Gallery in Tucson, AZ

Onsite Workshop

This workshop is designed to help students explore and experience calligraphic brush expression through the interplay of breath, mind, body and spirit as oneness. The abstraction of brush calligraphy is a visual form of music that harmonizes with the abdominal breath.

With ink, paper, water and tranquil space, we will explore a deep, slow engagement and absorption of black shadow into emptiness.

This non-dual, breath-centered process can lead to the heart of life, space, time and beyond.

The collaboration of brush calligraphy and breathing meditation will guide us to touch our heart and what is invisible in every day life, and to embrace a no-mind aesthetic.

The way of Brush Meditation can help us restore whole health awareness and inner peace, with gratitude.

Location: Can present this program to schools, dojos, temples, or any suitable study facility in the Arizona or New Mexico area
Fee, Duration, and Class Size: $80 per person for 3-hour class, minimum of six students
Materials: Most materials provided
Questions? Please contact Nakanoyoshi

About Nakanoyoshi
Nakanoyoshi commenced his study of the ancient art of calligraphy at the age of seven as a private apprentice with artisan Master Hirakawa. His calligraphy studies continued with several renowned calligraphers, including Sensei Takemori in New York City. He has been teaching Brush Meditation in the Tucson community, Pima Community College, the University of Arizona and the Drawing studio since 2000. He is a certified calligraphy instructor, approved by Nippon Shuji, Kyoto Japan. He is a graduate of Nagoya Junior Art College, and a contemporary abstraction artist. His brush calligraphy was selected and exhibited annually in the North American Calligraphy Competition (1999-2002).

He is the founder of the Zen Tribe Wellness Dojo in Tucson, AZ where he teaches and practices Brush Meditation, Zen Shiatsu Touch, Japanese healing cuisine, Eastern preventive health care education and well being.

The Art of Imperfection:
“Wabi Sabi happens when you dwell in the natural space of the present moment with a sense of gratitude and forgiveness for the past.”

– Nakanoyoshi